EZ Dump + PIN Cashout Partner

I have skimmers installed in the USA and Mexico at banks and corner stores I need to get some trusted people to cash out these dumps. Gotta stay protected so I never handle cash or cash out only deal with BTC.

Heres how this works. You tell me if you want US or Canada cards and I send you the card data. First time you only get 1 card and we work up from there. You cash it out and get me back the money in bitcoin in 12 hours you cash faster you get more cards. I send you dumps + pins you send me my cut. Percent based cashout

USA cards
101 cards – 70% me 30% you
201 cards – 60% me 40% you

Mexico cards
101 cards – 65% me 35% you
201 cards – 55% me 45% you

If you try and rip me you get blacklisted and cost yourself $$$ if you say card has no balance Ill check and make sure you arent trying to rip me.

Message me here and Ill give you my icq and we can do business. Heres a free sample.


PIN: 2903


PIN: 8312


PIN: 3894